Woot! I am now available for webcam and online chats through My profile is and from there you can chat with me when I’m online or prebook a private webcam session using Skype, MSN or DirectCam. In the future I will be also be doing themed group webcam sessions, think bathtime, kinky housework or playing with the contents of my toybox 🙂 I will give advanced notice of these sessions through my calendar here.

The prebooked webcam sessions have a 5 minute minimum but at 2.5 credits/minute (a credit is equal to a British Pound) it’s a great way to get your dose of Corrine if real life is proving tricky. You will need to register with Adultwork and load up some credits and then you are good to go. If you are worried about what will show up on your credit card you might want to see if a prepaid debit card would suit your needs (I can’t guarantee all prepaid cards will work so it is up to you to check this out for yourself).

The chat option is great as well, a little cheaper, but could be really handy if cameras are not an option.

Get your geek on! Hope to see you online soon xx