I’ve been getting a few questions and comments lately that made me want to write this post on what is ok and what is not ok when you are contacting me.

First off, I don’t bite and and I’m pretty hard to offend but I do maintain a block list of contact details of people I won’t respond to. So here is a quick summary:

Things that are completely OK

  • Starting off by saying “I’m nervous”, or “I haven’t done this before”, being nervous and aware of it is a good thing and we all have to start somewhere
  • “Could you help me with a smoking fetish”, “I don’t want sex, just companionship”, “I want you to take the lead”, “I want you to do xxx” or “can I do yyy?” Honest questions are always ok and if xxx and yyy aren’t listed on my website then feel free to check and if they are listed but you want clarification then that’s fine too.
  • Interactions to develop a rapport before a planned booking or for you to decide if I am to your taste.

Things that I may find annoying (if I am busy, tired or in a chocolate deficient state then I may not answer or give others preference)

  • Text messages that require me to ask more questions than what I answer. For example “I’d like to see you”, “ru free”. When (day and time), where (incall or outcall), what (type of experience, preferences, massage or full service) are all things that I need to know before this conversation continues. It also gives me the feeling that you do not think of me as more than an orifice and I may assume you are the kind of person I would rather not see,
  • Text messages and voicemails at ridiculous hours. I don’t take same day booking requests after 6pm and rarely can take a same day booking. And I am a living human being who requires sleep so no I am not on call at 3am, I feel I am being very flexible in offering availability 12 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Saying “I saw your website, what are your… services/rates/hours/can I have a picture/where are you based”. This information is easily available on the very website you are claiming to have gotten my contact details from. Do your research, this will ensure you find the experience that you are looking for.
  • Not confirming a planned booking. Once we have agreed on a booking I will give you a confirmation process to follow, this process is part of my screening and discretion protocol and is not negotiable. (Some of my regulars will not be required to confirm).

Things that are not ok and will mean I will block you

  • Repeatedly doing any of the things that annoy me or any other behaviour that I have asked to cease.
  • Using emails, phone calls or text messages to get off. By this I mean you are going beyond asking honest questions or establishing a connection. This is things like “tell me how you will do xxx and then what will you do” or spamming with messages that are not questions or relevant to the booking. This is what I mean by not providing a free phone sex line, this has gone beyond enquiry and is into the enacting of what we would be doing in a booking as a means of gratification.
  • Not turning up to a confirmed booking. This is an instant block, always, without exceptions.
  • Making rude, derogatory or misogynistic comments. And while it is a rarity I will point out that intimidating or threatening a sex worker is an offence under Section 7 of the Sex Industry Offences Act 2005.

Hope this helps xx

Snuggle question

I’m thinking of offering a snuggle/cuddle service. Kind of a cross between my social and massage services, just platonic company and cuddles, and so I’d be offering it a much cheaper rate. What do you think?

If you are, or have the capacity to be, in Sydney on April 10 Touching Base are having a fundraising lunch. Touching Base is a fantastic organisation and one that is dear to my heart and any support anyone can give is appreciated. They will also be inaugurating their new patrons: The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG, Eva Cox AO, Professor Basil Donovan, Associate Professor Helen Meekosha, and Peter Woods OAM (some big names there!) and will have a private screening of award-winning short film ‘The Gift’ (which I have had the privilege of seeing and it is excellent).

If you would like to go there is a flyer with a link to purchase tickets here (general tickets are $130) or if you would like to learn more about Touching Base head over to their website.

Swedish model coffee

I’ve been thinking a little about the Swedish model (and no that’s not some leggy blonde, it’s the legal model that criminalises clients of sex workers). Advocates of this approach claim it will keep me safe and reduce social problems around sex and sexuality they feel the sex industry is related to. Indeed in 2012 a call for written submissions from organisations and the general public on potential reforms to the Tasmanian Sex Industry Offences Act 2005 garnered over 100 responses with the majority supporting that my clients be criminalised for seeking my services.

To me it seems like a very simplistic approach to the wrong end of the problem so let’s do a little simplistic thought experiment. Instead of being a sex worker let’s say instead that I sell coffee. And let’s say a new law is bought in that allows me to continue to sell coffee but it is illegal for people to buy it from me. Now, coffee making is my business and it is this business that I enjoy and more importantly pays my mortgage and my bills. I am very good at making coffee in many styles and have continued to improve my coffee making skills. My customers are my business, without people buying my coffee I have no business and I would prefer to not to have to find new employment or start another business in another field. So the obvious solution is for me to protect my clients, if they are criminalised for buying my coffee then I will need to find a way for them to discretely buy my coffee without getting caught. I will have to avoid police, I will have to move around, I will have to remove all links between me, my coffee shop and my coffee business so clients cannot be traced and friends and family members are not mistakenly targeted. I will no longer tell any support services I currently make use of (business advisors, other coffee sellers, coffee security providers, coffee health advisors and providers of safe coffee supplies etc) that I am continuing to sell coffee under the new law. I will have to implement a system that allows clients to contact me while not enabling them to be identified. Even just writing this I am feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable. If I ever had an issue with a client or needed help I cannot see how I would deal with this without risking my business. Any suggestions?

This is a UK based debate but it features a proponent and opponent of the client criminalisation model and gives a snapshot of their thinking (Note the UK legislation is similar to the current laws in Tasmania)

What I like

I often get asked what I like with regards to sex. My usual answer is ‘it depends’. Which is a wishy washy non-committal kind of response, I know. Sex is an ever changing dance between two or more people and that is one of the things that captivates me the most. I never feel the same energy levels, motivations, thoughts from one day to the next and my responses to stimuli, motivators and moods are just as fluid. So really, my sexual desires to shift with the breeze but wouldn’t it get boring otherwise? So how can I say I really enjoy myself if a client has booked me a week in advance for something very specific? What if I’m not feeling like that particular act that day? That, dear reader, is why I am good at my job and why I take time to prepare for a booking. With practice (oh so much practice!)and an almost meditative approach I visialise the fun and joy of the upcoming booking and I will be all kinds of in the mood when the time comes. And when it’s time to finish I can switch off and go back to my own headspace for the day, and that is one of the differences between seeing a sex worker and spending time with a partner.

Are you one of the chosen few? And by chosen few I mean one who has purchased tickets to MONA’s Synaesthesia event 😉

I’ve just seen the program… Gorecki (squee!!!), Ligeti, Mussorgsky through to Phillip Glass and on to Kate Miller-Heidke among others. Can’t wait, I’m so excited I’m bouncing in my chair. See you there xx

Woot! I am now available for webcam and online chats through My profile is and from there you can chat with me when I’m online or prebook a private webcam session using Skype, MSN or DirectCam. In the future I will be also be doing themed group webcam sessions, think bathtime, kinky housework or playing with the contents of my toybox 🙂 I will give advanced notice of these sessions through my calendar here.

The prebooked webcam sessions have a 5 minute minimum but at 2.5 credits/minute (a credit is equal to a British Pound) it’s a great way to get your dose of Corrine if real life is proving tricky. You will need to register with Adultwork and load up some credits and then you are good to go. If you are worried about what will show up on your credit card you might want to see if a prepaid debit card would suit your needs (I can’t guarantee all prepaid cards will work so it is up to you to check this out for yourself).

The chat option is great as well, a little cheaper, but could be really handy if cameras are not an option.

Get your geek on! Hope to see you online soon xx