The chaos of touring

Here is a timeline of events for my last tour to Launceston on the 22nd and 23rd. It is not unusual and I’m not at all annoyed at clients but thought it would be interesting to see behind the scenes if you aren’t a touring escort and are wondering what I do with my time.

Background: I travel to Launceston about once a month but not on a fixed date. I wait until I get some requests and plan around them. Launceston is a small market and I’ve found from previous experience this approach is the only way I cover my costs let alone make a profit. I do outcalls on all dates, incalls are only available after check in time on the first day to just before checkout on the second day because I work from hotels when I’m not in Hobart. These are only the enquiries related to the Launceston tour. The day before I was due to be there I was flooded with fake bookings for Hobart on the 22nd.

Early March 

Receive enquiry #1 for Launceston. They will contact me to confirm


Receive enquiry #2 for Launceston on the morning of the 23rd. Booking is made and that takes my availability for late morning on the second day

I set tour dates as the 22nd and 23rd

Enquiry #3 Client I have seen before requests an extended booking on the evening of the 22nd but will confirm early next week.

Receive enquiry #4 for Launceston. I confirm. They book. I request a deposit. I have to modify the deposit page on my website to provide a method they can use. About 3 hours work including research and communication. This takes my earliest availability for the first day

All enquiries early this week are told I’m probably booked out but to check early next week


#3 lets me know he can’t make it

Adjust twitter, Scarlet Blue, website, Cracker to say I am now available on the evening of the 22nd


Turn down 4 hours of work in Hobart because I will be in Launceston


Receive enquiry #4 for extended booking on the evening of the 22nd. Booking accepted, I was tired and didn’t request a deposit.

Change twitter, website, cracker to say I am no longer available for this tour

Enquiry #5 for Launceston booking that evening. I am in Hobart


Enquiry #4 cancels

Change twitter, website, cracker to say I am now available again in the evening

Enquiries #6, #7 classic timewater

Enquiry #8 for services I don’t offer and wanting to know where I am staying. I don’t answer

Enquiry #9 for booking now but I am eating dinner


Enquiries #10, #11, #12 for bookings in Launceston while I am driving back to Hobart

I never heard from enquiry #1 again. I had two bookings. I covererd my hotel and travel costs but lost more by being away from Hobart and did not make my budget (to pay rent, bills, mortgage) that week.