Silent auction

Hello friends. You may have seen on twitter that one of my pets is having surgery soon and so I am gathering funds to go towards the not insignificant expenses associated with the surgery and his recovery.

And so I have for you a silent auction of two of my cherished artworks I have commissioned from Amelia Carson (@Amelia_Draws on twitter and on the web). They are both of me and done in ink on paper. I will be very sad to see them go but they will be going towards a good cause 🙂

Use the forms below if you’d like to make a bid on either (or both!) of the beautiful artworks. The current highest bid updates every 5 minutes so if you aren’t sure if you are the highest let me know and I’ll have a look. I won’t publish names or contact details but I may tweet the initial of name of the highest bidder and the amount (eg D has the highest bid on Picture 1 of $57).

Bidding ends at 10pm AEST May 2nd 2018. Thank you!

Picture 1

Picture 2