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I make videos that you can download! Wow! I will add more from time to time so come back and check.

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Straight razor

I soften up my badger hair brush and lather my pussy. Then I shave it with a Japanese straight razor. I love the soft bristles, the luxurious foam and the clean close shave a straight razor gives.

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Dildo blowjob

I give my dildo a lovely blowjob with lots of licking and sucking. Just the way I like to do it.


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Secretary tease

The secretary is hard at work today, but she’s not helping you get anything done. Such a tease


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Dildo handjob

I give my favorite dildo a lovely, slow, oily, juicy handjob. Just imagine yourself here and my hands sliding, gently squeezing and giving luscious touch.


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