September update

Hello friends and lovers

I recently had an injury to my arm from which I am recovering from well. I am working as normally with some small modifications for the rest of September.

  • Corsets – if you want me to wear one there might be a extra fee because I will have to get a co worker to lace me in
  • Stockings – let me know if you like them and I will wear them. I just need to allow more time getting ready to get them on, if you don’t request them I probably won’t have them on
  • Bondage – I am unable to wear handcuffs or be tied with hands together. Other tieing positions may be fine or just need to be time limited, we can discuss this but should be easy to work around
  • I can’t lift heavy things with my left arm
  • Dinner dates – fine dining might be a bit messy as I’m mostly eating with one hand although I think this won’t be for more than another week. OI know most restaurants in Hobart and I should be able to find a menu that both of us can enjoy. Or we could cook in my kitchen!

Massaging, handjobs, sex positions, cuddling are all completely fine and continuing as normal.