I like to chat to people on the radio and on their podcasts. I've also spoken to scientist and philosophers. I often get asked where is the link to that thing you did? Or that you show you were on? So here is a list to the ones that are online for your aural pleasure, for when you want Corrine in your ear holes. 

  • The 9pm Edict In this episode there’s talk of truth in advertising, Pluto, foetal development, frisbees, autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), the recently-discovered glymphatic system, the escorting business, the beginning of the universe, and much more.
  • Well May We Say a progressive podcast about Australian Politics. Jeremy is joined by Guest Host Corrine to discuss the ridiculousness of clean coal, and of course Trumble's terrible terrible week. Greg Jericho returns to tell us what's stuck in his craw. (And a little bit on this episode where I have a rant about what's stuck in my craw.)
  • Humans of twitter is a podcast where we discover the stories behind the people behind the Twitter accounts. People that are interesting, opinionated and surprising. Humans of Twitter is their stories, in their words, in a little more than 140 characters. 

Sex worker, escort, GFE

Bridge building

Stacking shelves & chat roulette


Renovating like an idiot

In the Blockchain Imaginarium, Dale and Scott discuss and imagine the future of #blockchain technologies.

In this, our third episode, we chat with @LovelyCorrine about whether the sex industry has parallels with the blockchain, it is after all a decentralised network based on trust - and agreements. Can the blockchain learn from this age old industry, or will the this tech provide the sex industry with more than just automated sex robots??

Shove your earbuds in to hear salacious discussion filled with fetishes... and politics.

  • Cryptogoss Episode 12 "This episode we talk with "The Lovely Corrine" a Sex Worker / Escort who uses and promotes bitcoin to her clients. Corrine takes us into her world and talks freely about a number of aspects of her industry, social, legal, and of course, commercial. We learn about how Corrine is educating her clients in the use of bitcoin to enable private, safe transactions. We also touch on the astounding case where the major credit card companies have withdrawn their merchant services from the classified advertising publication, BackPage, which is where many sex workers publicise their services. Thank you financial establishment, for creating yet another opportunity for crypto currencies!"
  • 936 ABC with Ryk "Today is the International day of prevention of violence against sex workers. Escort, business woman, engineer and IT guru Corinne explains how identity and her business intermesh between legislation, social networks, online and real world networks. It's so complex. And that's before the sex part!!"
  • 936 ABC with Melanie "Sex worker Corrine with ABC Hobart's Melanie Tait discussing some of the misconceptions and assumptions people make about her work and the sex industry."
  • Sex/Life Podcast (it's my podcast on sex and life as the name suggests, uncovering the hidden and understanding the misunderstood)
  • The life of a modern day sex worker "It’s often described as the oldest profession in the world but what is the life of a modern day sex worker like? Aside from the various misconceptions that exist you may be surprised to learn that sex workers too, are just as caught up in paper work as the rest of us. Helen Shield recently met Corinne, a sex worker in Hobart who was more than happy to offer a frank and open insight into her working world..."

Media enquiries

I'm happy to talk to journalists, podcasters, writers, artists, thinkers. I don't mind if you agree with me or not as long as we can converse respectfully. If your work will be seen in a public space I require the term sex worker to be used. If you describe all sex workers as prostituted women it is likely we will not get along well. Best way to contact me is by my contact page.