Long indulgences

You might have noticed I have a new type of booking, the long indulgent relaxation booking. I’ll explain here in more detail what it is.

I’m avoiding using the word massage as much as possible so there is no confusing it with a therapeutic massage, a sports massage or a rub and tug. It has elements of a relaxation massage and a rub and tug but it is completely different and stands alone.

So what is it then? It is all about sensation play. If you are familiar with the term in the BDSM/kink context you are heading in the right direction but for all my vanilla friends please don’t let talk of BDSM scare you, it is the most delicious erotic thing (I should write something on how BDSM is not always synonymous with pain but that is another thing for another day). In fact this version of sensation play is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum and uses extremely pleasurable sensations to take you into a euphoric state. Some of your senses I will calm, you will be blindfolded, restrained and wearing noise isolating headphones* but your sense of touch and eroticism will be increased and relaxed, over and over again. I will play with your skin and genitals like an angel playing a harp until eventually, finally I will let you reach a euphoric release.

It is very slow and delicious, you will lose all sense of time and the world will melt away. If you are familiar with the concept of subspace in BDSM (not maths! that’s a different subspace!) this will invoke a similar but perhaps lighter feeling of mental separation. It may take you a little while to be able to come back into this world and open your eyes, so I will be there to help.

To answer a few common questions it can’t be done in less than 2 hours because rushing would completely undermine the experience and no I still can’t give a therapeutic massage and fix your gammy hamstrings 🙂

*If you have an interest in ASMR I can incorporate some ASMR sounds if you like