If this is your first time

If this is your first time seeing me, or first time seeing an escort then you probably have some questions. That’s good! An enquiring mind is a healthy thing. I have put together some answers to questions that I get asked a lot.

My first point, and this is quite important, is that the sex work industry is as diverse as the people who work in it and the clients we serve. I am speaking for myself here but others may have different guidelines, rules, boundaries and requirements so if you are looking to see someone else check with them first, don’t assume that what applies for me will apply for others, and vice versa.

My second point, before we get started, is if you have a question just ask.  I am never offended by an honest question. And there is no such thing as a silly question if it is asked with honesty.

How do I make a booking? The short answer is just ask! Seriously though, think about what you would like to get out of the session both physically and mentally. Do you have a specific request or experience? Its fine whether you do or don’t. Think about how long you would like to spend and what days and times would suit you. Then send an email (preferred), text, tweet or phone and we can talk about any questions you may have, whether I can help you with your requirements and when our schedules will work. For the love of all that is good please do not send me text messages along the lines of ‘can i cu babe’ or ‘when ru free’, they will not be answered.

How do I find you? When should I get there? After we have agreed on a date and time I will ask you to confirm the booking either the morning of or the evening before by email, text or calling. After you have confirmed I will then send you my address. It is important to take notice of this. If I ask you to confirm before say 11am and I haven’t heard from you by that time then the booking is assumed to be cancelled. If you need to reschedule or cancel that is perfectly ok, just let me know. However if you don’t confirm next time you book I will be wary and others may get preference over you. If you do confirm and then don’t show up you will find yourself on my banned list unless you have a damn good reason that involves killer bees, zombie apocalypse or a sharknado or similar. I don’t mind if you are 5 minutes late, if you let me know that you may be running later than this that is fine too but it is not polite to arrive early.

When can I see you? Can I see you today? Sure, you can ask and if I can see today you I will but the more notice you give me the more likely I will be able to find a time that works for both of us. My availability starts at 11am with the latest bookings starting before 11pm. If you would like to see me in the evening then I suggest contacting me as early as possible, once I have had dinner it is not likely that I will accept appointments that day. (Update: temporarily I am not taking same day bookings and I need to have next day bookings arranged by 6pm). I love my work and I manage my schedule so that it continues to be a joy. If I worked long hours then my general demeanour will suffer which means you won’t get your moneys worth. It takes time to do things like hair and makeup and, while I hope this doesn’t shatter your notions of me, I really don’t spend my day lounging around in lingerie ready for sex at a moments notice. I also allow time between clients so you never have to rush.  All this means it takes time for me to get ready to see you, rarely will I be able to say ‘yes come over now’ and there are limits to the number of bookings I will take in a day.

What happens when I arrive? If you are coming to visit me don’t be surprised if I am hiding behind the door when I answer it, this is because I am likely not wearing very much! Being discrete is not achieved by throwing the door wide open while wearing underwear. We will first have a polite chat , take a deep breath and relax. If you find that I am not what you expected then you are welcome to leave, or if its an outcall ask me to go. I will ask why, this is only so I can understand where your confusion comes from so I can improve my advertising or wording. I have only had this happen once so it is unlikely that you will be disappointed but it is your prerogative. Payment is required at the start of the booking, if you forget I will say something like ‘do you mind if we take care of the business side of things’ which will be your cue to pay me. Don’t arrive drunk or intoxicated, you won’t be let in. Don’t stand on the footpath and ask loudly ‘are you Corrine?’, my neighbours do not need to know. Keep in mind discretion at all times please, just arrive as if you are dropping over to a friends house for a cuppa, or visiting your accountant that works from home.

How long should I see you for? Goodness, it depends on so many things. If you are feeling unsure then you might like a short booking to see how you go and half an hour would be fine. But if you are feeling nervous then it might take you a little while to relax first. Or you might want a longer session. Discuss it with me and tell me what you are thinking and we will see what might work best for you

Can I extend the booking if I’m having a good time? Usually yes this is ok, schedules permitting. However please note that it does mean that when the original time runs out we need to stop, get businesslike and exchange money. This can effect the mood, energy and flow of the session.

I feel silly but I want to do ‘abc’. Whatever ‘abc’ is as long as everyone involved is consensual and makes you feel good/better then its normal and ok. Do you want to just kiss and cuddle? Perfectly fine. Do you want me to dress up? Fine too. Do you want straight up vanilla sex and worried I will be bored? Totally fine and I most definitely won’t be bored. Do you have a kink or something you think is unusual? Probably fine, just ask (I don’t do submissive acts unless this has been discussed and agreed beforehand, heavy BDSM, medical related acts, etc). Something else I don’t do is see women or male/female couples, it’s not my forte and I wouldn’t want to waste your time. Male/male couples are negotiable. Some things require advance notice, such as watersports/golden showers, dress up/role play, food play, anal/greek.

What do we do? It really depends on what you have asked for and what we have agreed to, we will do that! While sex is usually the aim keep in mind there is more to sex than putting a penis in a vagina and this may not even be the focus of the booking.

What do you wear? I generally wear nice lingerie, stockings and a robe for an incall, neat casual if I’m coming to your house, neat casual or business wear if I am going to a hotel, depending on the hotel and the time of day. If it is a social occasion I will match your style of dress. If you would like something else just ask, although I won’t wear ‘slutty’ or ‘hooker’ style clothing in public.

Do I need to bring anything? Generally no, I provide condoms, lube, massage oil, sex toys and paraphenalia, showering supplies, even tea and coffee. Just bring your happy self. If you want to bring wine, whiskey, chocolates or gifts then by all means!

What do I do if I see you in public? You are welcome to come and say hi if you like, if I am with other people please don’t mention my name. People in my straight life may not know my working name, or that I am a sex worker at all. Rest assured if I see you I won’t acknowledge or approach you unless you wave me over first.

Is this legal? Yes. I am in independent sex worker, essentially that means I am self employed. To work in this way is perfectly legal in Tasmania. This recent discussion paper gives a good overview.

Some terminology:

  • Sex worker is the politically correct term for referring to people working in this industry. Personally I don’t have a problem with being called an escort or prostitute, hooker, whore etc as long as the tone and intent of the words used is respectful. In fact I refer to myself as an escort quite often. However in different places and settings these words have meanings and connotations ascribed to them so please use them with care, stigma is a real problem and a danger to my welfare.
  • Incall/outcall are terms used to describe where you will see me. An incall means you are coming to my apartment, or hotel if I am travelling (commonly refrered to as touring). An outcall means I will visit you.
  • Greek = anal sex, I’m happy to use either term
  • Watersports = play involving urine, also called golden showers
  • GFE = Girl Friend Experience, generally means everything a girlfriend will do is included
  • PSE = Porn Star Experience, generally means a more porn-y experience as the name suggests
  • Bare back  = without a condom (and no I don’t)
  • Covered = with a condom, generally refers to oral, as in covered blow job