Feminism confuses me terribly. As an engineer I am so grateful for those who went before me and fought for equality so that I could work in a male dominated industry (although it still has it’s challenges). And I am thankful for all those who work to change society so ladies have or one day will have equal access to justice, pay, health, business, life. But then there are feminists who say I am unable to give consent, I have no agency over my decisions and essentially I am nothing more than a cloth eared bint*. And then there are feminists who don’t recognise trans women. And now there is the #womenagainstfeminism movement and I can’t even.
How about this. How someone looks, is built, where they were born or anything that is determined by genetics or nature should have NO FUCKING BEARING AT ALL on what their opportunities are, what their pay rate is and the response to any legal issues they may have. And if you are lucky enough to not have to fight for these things than say thank you to those who did it for you.
*Bonus points if you recognise the Basil Fawlty reference