Ethics, economics and incalls

For the last 6 years I have had an incall apartment. An apartment, flat or house separate from the one I live in to for clients to visit me. And it has been fabulous (regulars will remember the spa bath I used as my office, the cute little place in the CBD that needed more heaters to keep it warm than was logical and the place with a resident ghost). I planned a 2 month break from keeping an incall at the start of this year through the quiet period while I traveled and faffed around in general and I have to be honest it was a welcome break. Keeping and paying for another house is expensive and time consuming and so I have procrastinated a little, I must admit, about finding a replacement.

It has always seemed a bit incongruous to me to have a perfectly good house sitting empty for most of the week. I have tried sharing and that either worked fabulously or disastrously. The  disastrous times have had more impact on me than the beautiful people who I have shared space with (it is a fault of our brains that they like to dwell on the negative, just ask any newspaper editor who will prefer to pepper headlines with bad news to sell more copies) and so I decided sharing is probably not for me. Although I do think wistfully of my long term co-tenant and will always be indebted to the worker who let me share her space when I was starting and she was retiring.

And now it seems Hobart has developed a rental crisis. Renting a house can be a demoralising, frustrating experience at the best of times with landlords imposing insane and horrendous restrictions. You want to hang a picture or have a pet goldfish? Not an option says your landlord who is probably using your abode as a tax write-off. But worse, unacceptably so, is not being able to find a house to rent at all.

If you are a friend from afar here is some background. The Hobart rental vacancy rate has have fallen to 0.3%, there is a shortfall of about 5,000 houses.

And so, for the time being at least, I have decided to not have a permanent incall. This is a personal decision, I pass no judgement at all on those who do. We are running a business and these places are our workplace, go forth good hookers and continue to be wonderful.

Instead I will drop my outcall prices, as I have done before, and will also try to accommodate more short notice outcalls. I can drop my price because I am carrying lower overheads. When I do offer incalls they will be at my normal rate and will be in a hotel or short term rental just as touring escorts do (and as do I when I travel), and I will only use locations that are discrete and appropriate. I have some arrangements made for regular clients, you know who you are or I will let you know next time we talk, and I will also make arrangements for bookings of more than 2 hours.

Things might change. A houseboat workplace is looking very attractive right now 🙂