For carers and support staff

This is some information for people or organisations who are enquiring or booking on behalf of another person, as may be the case for carers, support workers or residential or nursing home facility staff.

First off, thank you. I understand this may be confronting for you or outside your comfort zone and your effort to put your clients or patients needs first is commendable.

My contact details are

Website: (note that it is Not Safe For Work and may be blocked by restricted content settings)

                   (if you are based in Victoria or Queensland due to different laws my website with much less information and no photos for these states is and my Victorian registration number is SWA9051XE)


Phone: 0467 347 035 Please feel free to leave a voicemail or text message

Location: I am based in Hobart with a private apartment in the CBD. I no longer have level access or wheelchair access, there are a flight of stairs and many steps to contend with. I travel regularly to Launceston and can visit other areas of Tasmania and Australia.

If you or your client would like to look through my website but avoid or be prepared for adult content the About Me section describes my appearance and personality with some reviews and is fairly safe, the Booking Info section is also fairly friendly although it does include a list of the services/acts I offer. The Gallery section includes naked photos and the Blog and Twitter sections may be explicit, not politically correct or not safe for work (if you have an IT department with a code of conduct regarding adult content it may be best to forewarn them). I have also written a blog article that covers some of the most common questions I get asked and may be useful.

While my website details my prices, inclusions and booking information I will include here some things which are a bit different for your clients.

For clients with a disability there is a discount available to my standard rates, half hour is $150, or  $300/hour  and I am happy to make small adjustments (such as allowing kissing) to my massage/relaxation service which is a lot cheaper too and still gives a lovely sensual experience $100/20 minutes, $150/40 minutes. For a less sexual booking, for instance kissing/cuddling/companionship I use my platonic rates which are cheaper again $100/hour. For clients with mobility restrictions I do allow extra time in addition to the booked time for showering, dressing, transfers and so on. I also allow extra time for communications and questions with staff. I also make an exception in the case of clients who reside in a care accommodation arrangement that other people may be home or present during the booking (this is not allowable for general clients for safety reasons).
I can also accept payments by BPay if this is easier and happy to provide a receipt if this is needed for record keeping.

I only have a few restrictions or limitation on the type of services that I offer. For all sexual services I use condoms or femidoms. I generally don't see female clients or male female couples as it is not my forte, I can suggest some other sex workers you may like to try who are more experienced with women.I don't provide above medium level BDSM or acts with a medical element such as blood play or needle play.

I am more than happy to meet with staff beforehand to discuss any requirements particular to the client or facility and I am also able to supply a Tasmanian Police Check if required but as the police check will have my personal name on it I will require a Statutory Declaration to be signed and an agreement reached that my personal information is not to be divulged to third parties without my consent.

If the client will be visiting me then I do require that my address is treated with confidentiality also. It is important for me to not offend or make my neighbours uncomfortable by knowing the work that I do and I work hard to stay as nondescript as possible (in fact I make an excellent quiet and polite neighbour!).

If you are making a booking or an enquiry on behalf of your client please let me know just so I know what tone and content my replies should take (I am not crass or explicit with my responses but I would like to be able to confer with you on a professional level). If your client will be contacting me directly it's a good idea if they could mention that they have a disability especially if they have restrictions on their communication or cognitive capabilities. If you are contacting me together please mention that you are a carer, support staff member or whatever the case may be. The reason I ask this is because I decline bookings from the general public for safety reasons if there appears to be more than one person there and if the client has slurred speech or communication limitations that I may mistakenly assume is drug or alcohol related.
If your client is contacting me by text message or email and finds it easier to use abbreviations please let me know because I generally ignore messages like this.

I have clients with different types of disabilities and restrictions and am quite comfortable with all that goes along with this but I am not a health professional so I won't do transfers or lifting for OH&S reasons and may need advice or assistance with medical devices such as catheters but this can all be discussed beforehand.

If you would like some general support in the areas of sexuality or accessing sex workers for people with disabilities I can highly recommend Touching Base.

Touching Base Inc is a charitable organisation, based in Sydney NSW Australia, that has been active since October 2000. Touching Base developed out of the need to assist people with disability and sex workers to connect with each other, focusing on access, discrimination, human rights and legal issues and the attitudinal barriers that these two marginalised communities can face. They provide information for people with disability or their carers on how to access the sex industry and maintain a referral list of disability-friendly sex service providers. They also regularly offer training workshops tailored to Disability Service Providers.
General Enquiries:  0424 591 409
Training and Seminars:
Referral List:  0499 05 44 00

In Tasmania there are government run support programs around sexuality and health that are also useful contacts.

Family Planning Tasmania provides sexual and reproductive health services through bulk billing clinics in Burnie, Glenorchy and Launceston, school education programs, training and health promotion activities.
421 Main Road, Glenorchy TAS 7010 Phone: (03) 6273 9117
269 Wellington Street, Launceston, 7250 Telephone: (03) 6343 4566
1 Pine Ave, Upper Burnie Telephone: (03) 6431 7692

Sexual Health Service Tasmania is a state-wide service with offices in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie and Devonport. The service is staffed by doctors, nurses, counsellors, educators and administrative officers. The Sexual Health Service provides people with the opportunity to enhance their sexual health and well being.

Hobart: (03) 6233 3557
Launceston: (03) 6336 2216
Devonport: (03) 6421 7759
Burnie: (03) 6434 6315
Toll Free Number: 1800 675 859