I may require a deposit. You may choose not to pay but I may give your booking time to someone else. Paying a deposit will make sure your time is yours. The deposit of $50 will be taken from the cost of the booking. 


By making a deposit or payment you are acknowledging that you have read and understood that there are no refunds on deposits if you cancel or change your mind and chargebacks will not be honored. In the event that I need to cancel the booking I will arrange a refund in full using a method that suits you, this is the only circumstance in which a deposit will be refunded.

Note: Do not pay a deposit until the booking is agreed and I request the deposit payment. Payments made before I request them will not be refunded if I do not agree to accept the booking request.



Method 1 Bitcoin or cash (Preferred)

If you already use bitcoin transfer the equivalent of $50 AUD) to my wallet.



If you don't use bitcoin you may make a cash deposit at participating newsagents or Commonwealth Bank branch using this service

Enter $50 AUD, your phone number and email address and my wallet address. Let me know and I will send a wallet address to you.

Choose either newsagent (locations can be searched) or bank and make a cash deposit within 2 hours.

This method can be used to prepay bookings.

Method 2 Cardless deposit at an ANZ Smart ATM

You can deposit cash into an ANZ Smart ATM using my details (Note this won't work as an over the counter transaction as you don't have the account name).

Go to your nearest ANZ Smart ATM. You can use this website to find one, be sure to select Smart ATM and enter your location)

Choose Deposit without card

Enter any details requested (name and phone number) and

BSB 017209

Account number 212925734

Then deposit $50.

I recommend keeping the receipt in case there is a problem


Method 3 Online payment by debit or credit card

Click the button below to be taken to my deposit payment page. Please enter your name so I know who it is from. Payment is by Visa and Mastercard debit or credit card. The mention "BP" or "Brisk Partners" will appear on your bank statements. Unfortunately there is not option to pay in AUD and will convert to approximately $50 depending on currency conversion rates and fees. $50 will be taken from the cost of the booking. This method is not available for prepaying bookings.