Crackpage credits

Backpage has been seized. If the links below still work DO NOT USE THEM 

This is for sexworkers who use backpage or cracker (henceforth referred to as crackpage)

It’s not the first time (and won’t be the last) but crackpage has stopped credit card payments.

So the options left are cryptocurrency or Poli (only on cracker). If Poli is available and you are comfortable linking you real name bank account to sexwork ads go for it. If you want to try cryptocurrency I’ve updated my sexworkers guide to paying for ads with bitcoin and I advise using Bitcoin Cash for a 15% credit bonus, Ethereum or Litecoin for a 5% credit bonus before using Bitcoin which has no bonus (but might be easier for you to get). Backpage has several other options that are cryptocurrency related

  • Wall of coins – seems to be a bank deposit for bitcoin only. May require selfie with government ID for account verification
  • Deposit2BP – Debit card US only, Mastercard/Visa gift card for US and Canadian issued cards. $50 deposit gives $40 credits.
  • Backpagedollars – Credit cards and gift cards.  Requires backpage account email (It seems to check you email address against a database, when I enter in an email address not used for Backpage it fails) and a phone number (not checked), uses Amazon for gift cards at $20 for 12 credits. Redirects to FastBPC for credit cards, pay $20 for $10 credits. I do not support this, those fees are too high frankly.
  • Fast BPC – May require Government issued ID.  Has same email address verification as Backpagedollars. Uses Western Union transfer by cash or debit/credit card (Western Union transfers go to Bangladesh). Pay $20 for $10 credits.

I load credits onto crackpage. Here are how my commission and fees breakdown

  • You pay (for example) $20 AUD
  • I keep a commission (between 2-10%, I adjust it so that you don’t lose out)
  • I buy from an exchange, they charge a 2-4% fee
  • I walk you through how to send me your deposit address. This isn’t an account login and I can’t use it to withdraw funds
  • I deposit onto your crackpage account, I get charged a 0.001 BCH transaction fee
  • You receive about* $15.5 USD in credits which is equivalent* to $20 AUD (*depending on currency conversions at the time)

If you learn to use cryptocurrency and use it to buy credits yourself this is roughly how the fees will go (depending on what method you use)

  • Load AUD onto an exchange/pay a service – usually 0-5% fee
  • Buy your cryptocurrency of choice (Bitcoin Cash if you can, see above for bonus credits) – usually a 2-5% fee
  • Transfer to a wallet or straight to your crcackpage deposit address – can be cents to tens of dollars depends on what cryptocurrency you use and what transaction fees are charged. For example for Bitcoin Cash I usually pay around a 0.001 BCH fee, about $0.80AUD. Bitcoin is more, my wallet at the moment is about $2.50 but it has gotten up to the $30-50 mark.
  • So for $20 AUD you might end up with about $15-25 AUD worth of credits

The credits that show in your account are in USD so will be about 75-85% of AUD, depending on the currency conversion that Backpage used.