Goodbye to the lovely pool, gorgeous beach and tropical climate, back home to Hobart!


A touch of comedy, if you dare. The brilliant, irreverent and funny-if-you-like-that-kind-of humor podcast Walking the Room covers amongst other things in episode #105 the best bachelor party ever in which the boys describe to the groom to be how to find a ladies sensitive parts in the funniest and most practical way I have ever heard! (Definitely NSFW though). And you will never look at an octopus the same way again.  (Available here for download)

With this winter weather we have at the moment I can’t quite bring myself to pose for the photos I have in mind. So instead I have been admiring the work of some talented photographers and I am loving this shot from Carlos Golo (fair warning friends, these may be considered not safe for work)
If you want to see more the total collection is here

Well one of the iconic pieces at Mona has been replaced. Cunts… And other conversations has moved aside for the Balint Zsako group of works. I adore the themes of the mechanics of life, body, emotions and being in these pieces. I also feel theres a touch of the ‘ghost in the shell’ narrative there and interrelated systems coexisting and relying on each other with the body as the mechanism. A fitting successor to Cunts indeed.

“You have to be in it [the relationship], to come to God together. I don’t believe that means take the other person to church. I think that means to evolve together – that you’re helping the other person evolve into the person they’re supposed to be, and they’re helping you evolve.”

Marilyn talking about the teachings of Ram Dass on the short film ‘The Love Competition’ by Brent Hoff on Vimeo.


A nice thought from the Quran. Surah an-Nisa’ 4:1 states that men and women are created from a single soul (nafs wahidah). One person does not come before the other, one is not superior to the other, and one is not the derivative of the other. A woman is not created for the purpose of a man. Rather, they are both created for the mutual benefit of each other.