Ethics, economics and incalls

For the last 6 years I have had an incall apartment. An apartment, flat or house separate from the one I live in to for clients to visit me. And it has been fabulous (regulars will remember the spa bath I used as my office, the cute little place in the CBD that needed more heaters to keep it warm than was logical and the place with a resident ghost). I planned a 2 month break from keeping an incall at the start of this year through the quiet period while I traveled and faffed around in general and I have to be honest it was a welcome break. Keeping and paying for another house is expensive and time consuming and so I have procrastinated a little, I must admit, about finding a replacement.

It has always seemed a bit incongruous to me to have a perfectly good house sitting empty for most of the week. I have tried sharing and that either worked fabulously or disastrously. The  disastrous times have had more impact on me than the beautiful people who I have shared space with (it is a fault of our brains that they like to dwell on the negative, just ask any newspaper editor who will prefer to pepper headlines with bad news to sell more copies) and so I decided sharing is probably not for me. Although I do think wistfully of my long term co-tenant and will always be indebted to the worker who let me share her space when I was starting and she was retiring.

And now it seems Hobart has developed a rental crisis. Renting a house can be a demoralising, frustrating experience at the best of times with landlords imposing insane and horrendous restrictions. You want to hang a picture or have a pet goldfish? Not an option says your landlord who is probably using your abode as a tax write-off. But worse, unacceptably so, is not being able to find a house to rent at all.

If you are a friend from afar here is some background. The Hobart rental vacancy rate has have fallen to 0.3%, there is a shortfall of about 5,000 houses.

And so, for the time being at least, I have decided to not have a permanent incall. This is a personal decision, I pass no judgement at all on those who do. We are running a business and these places are our workplace, go forth good hookers and continue to be wonderful.

Instead I will drop my outcall prices, as I have done before, and will also try to accommodate more short notice outcalls. I can drop my price because I am carrying lower overheads. When I do offer incalls they will be at my normal rate and will be in a hotel or short term rental just as touring escorts do (and as do I when I travel), and I will only use locations that are discrete and appropriate. I have some arrangements made for regular clients, you know who you are or I will let you know next time we talk, and I will also make arrangements for bookings of more than 2 hours.

Things might change. A houseboat workplace is looking very attractive right now 🙂


Hello friends

If you follow me on twitter you will have seen from time to time I pull apart vibrators that have broken and post photos of how it goes. Because who doesn’t love looking at the inside of things??

This time I made a video and so I’ll share it here. It’s nothing sexy but there is some nice cello in the background and cello does make everything classy 🙂


Hello friends

We are coming up to the end of another year and rather than giving festive greetings (I’m not a fan of Christmas) I thought I would give thanks instead to the lovely people who have dipped in and out of my life this year.

I would love to say thanks to all the new people I’ve met, you have all enriched my life in one way or another. I’d love to also thank the people who have made themselves vulnerable, overcome an obstacle or given thoughtful heartfelt gifts, cards and notes.

I’m thankful I have my health and a roof over my head and whether you know it or not you all contribute to both of these things, so kisses for everyone!

I’m looking forward to a much simpler existence in 2018. I feel like I’ve spread myself too thin in 2017 so I’m cutting back on some things to focus on the things I’m good at and enjoy. Good wishes to you all x

Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)

I have been accepting Bitcoin payments for quite some time but I also now accept other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash and Litecoin for in person payments and deposits. If you don’t know what these things are either a) don’t worry I am still taking cash or b) let Google be your friend 🙂 If you are interested in paying by another crypto that’s not mentioned, just ask. I’m generally happy with any that is covered by Shapeshift through Coinomi (Monero isn’t listed currently). I’ll probably keep referring to Bitcoin as it’s more well known and there’s some nifty services for it but if you scored some Bitcoin Cash at the fork I’m happy to be paid with it 🙂

I haven’t really posted about *why* I’m fond of bitcoin et al. Some of the reasons are sexwork specific, some are more from a wider set of motivations.

  • Credit card companies – Visa and Mastercard have a LOT to say about what I can and can’t do. It’s nice to be able to tell them to stuff their morals and judgements
  • Clip and camming sites – to get around the high risk merchant account annoyances I instead use some hosting services (the online payment option for deposits is an example here) that handle payments and they will take, at a a minimum, 30% of my income. Similar are clip sites such as clips4sale and ManyVids and camming sites such as streamate and myfreecams they will take a much bigger cut, even up to 70%
  • Bank deposits – I can give my bank account details for a direct or ATM deposit but the bank tellers are very likely to say the account name (my real name) to confirm you are paying the right person if you go over the counter
  • Scams – bank or credit card transfers are reversible and you better believe there are those who will request a reversal or a chargeback after the booking
  • Safety – getting paid in cash is all well and good but how safe would you feel walking to the bank with $4000 in your wallet after a weekend booking? Or even having your workplace thought of as a target for thieves?
  • Politeness – it can be awkward (although I am skilled in managing this) to hand over cash and wait while I count it before the booking can start. Scanning a qr code with your phone seems so much more civilised
  • Simplicity – deposits are the way of the escort future and using bitcoin for this is so simple it makes me nearly cry with joy when compared to the stuffing around with other options
  • Libertarianism – this is probably deserving of a post on its own. I am happy to pay tax and contribute to society but I am very happy to be outside of, albeit only partly, the centralised economic system

September update

Hello friends and lovers

I recently had an injury to my arm from which I am recovering from well. I am working as normally with some small modifications for the rest of September.

  • Corsets – if you want me to wear one there might be a extra fee because I will have to get a co worker to lace me in
  • Stockings – let me know if you like them and I will wear them. I just need to allow more time getting ready to get them on, if you don’t request them I probably won’t have them on
  • Bondage – I am unable to wear handcuffs or be tied with hands together. Other tieing positions may be fine or just need to be time limited, we can discuss this but should be easy to work around
  • I can’t lift heavy things with my left arm
  • Dinner dates – fine dining might be a bit messy as I’m mostly eating with one hand although I think this won’t be for more than another week. OI know most restaurants in Hobart and I should be able to find a menu that both of us can enjoy. Or we could cook in my kitchen!

Massaging, handjobs, sex positions, cuddling are all completely fine and continuing as normal.


I was recently on the radio and we touched briefly on the subject of what is Tantra. It is often talked about in terms of sex, long sex and really long orgasms but there can be more to it. Tantra is one of those things that you can make it as much or as little as you want. It has different beginnings or schools and has evolved into different things in modern times so it is really quite hard to define completely in a simple sentence but at its heart it is about balancing opposites.

I mentioned this episode of The Spirit Of Things on air, it is a really interesting listen about the wider ethos of Tantra from some diverse backgrounds and I really recommend it if you are interested… Tantra: More than sex

Metadata update

If you are a long time listener you will remember the blog post I wrote a couple of years ago about the metadata retention scheme. Well folks it has arrived and I need to update the old post with a few things

Signal is my preferred messaging app but I also have Wickr, Telegram and Whatsapp as well as my Twitter DM’s are open (you don’t need to follow me to send me a message on Twitter).

I did not mention VPN’s previously but they will be a useful tool. I have used both PIA and Vyper and they are both good. Vyper has the added bonus of working in countries that block VPN’s which is an added bonus if you travel to the likes of China which is a very specific thing I know but a bonus is a bonus hey 🙂

The chaos of touring

Here is a timeline of events for my last tour to Launceston on the 22nd and 23rd. It is not unusual and I’m not at all annoyed at clients but thought it would be interesting to see behind the scenes if you aren’t a touring escort and are wondering what I do with my time.

Background: I travel to Launceston about once a month but not on a fixed date. I wait until I get some requests and plan around them. Launceston is a small market and I’ve found from previous experience this approach is the only way I cover my costs let alone make a profit. I do outcalls on all dates, incalls are only available after check in time on the first day to just before checkout on the second day because I work from hotels when I’m not in Hobart. These are only the enquiries related to the Launceston tour. The day before I was due to be there I was flooded with fake bookings for Hobart on the 22nd.

Early March 

Receive enquiry #1 for Launceston. They will contact me to confirm


Receive enquiry #2 for Launceston on the morning of the 23rd. Booking is made and that takes my availability for late morning on the second day

I set tour dates as the 22nd and 23rd

Enquiry #3 Client I have seen before requests an extended booking on the evening of the 22nd but will confirm early next week.

Receive enquiry #4 for Launceston. I confirm. They book. I request a deposit. I have to modify the deposit page on my website to provide a method they can use. About 3 hours work including research and communication. This takes my earliest availability for the first day

All enquiries early this week are told I’m probably booked out but to check early next week


#3 lets me know he can’t make it

Adjust twitter, Scarlet Blue, website, Cracker to say I am now available on the evening of the 22nd


Turn down 4 hours of work in Hobart because I will be in Launceston


Receive enquiry #4 for extended booking on the evening of the 22nd. Booking accepted, I was tired and didn’t request a deposit.

Change twitter, website, cracker to say I am no longer available for this tour

Enquiry #5 for Launceston booking that evening. I am in Hobart


Enquiry #4 cancels

Change twitter, website, cracker to say I am now available again in the evening

Enquiries #6, #7 classic timewater

Enquiry #8 for services I don’t offer and wanting to know where I am staying. I don’t answer

Enquiry #9 for booking now but I am eating dinner


Enquiries #10, #11, #12 for bookings in Launceston while I am driving back to Hobart

I never heard from enquiry #1 again. I had two bookings. I covererd my hotel and travel costs but lost more by being away from Hobart and did not make my budget (to pay rent, bills, mortgage) that week.

Thank you

I’ve had a little bit of a blip. I’ve blogged about depression before and talked about it many times. And so yes I’ve had a little bit of a blip. I’m saying a little bit because I was still able to function for the most part and I’ve seen the finality of the severe end of the scale and don’t want to diminish the suffering that is happening for the people who are there. But I thought I’d like to describe what it was I went through.
There was no good or beauty in the things I tried to do. Internally all I could see were faults and negatives. I was doing *everything* wrong. I thought I was not up to par in bookings despite the amazing feedback I was getting from clients old and new. I couldn’t shoot new content because I couldn’t see the merit in any photo or video I took. For example I thought the video this still is from was irredeemably awful. I nearly threw it out and it certainly wasn’t useable. I could not see any merit in it at all, the angles were bad, the lighting was awful, I was woeful. (I’ve since edited it and it’s actually one of my favorites!). At work I was presented immaculately and my apartment was sparkling. I smiled and laughed and did actually enjoy myself but I did not have the energy to do this enough. At home my animals were cared for and adored, I was not. I crawled into a puddle and stayed there.

So I want to say thank you to the people around me, family, friends and clients. You do not realise it but you were all, without exception, wonderful. Just by being you with your own ups and downs, highs and lows, laughter and tears. If I ever really need help I have professional support systems in place, so please don’t ever worry and don’t ever feel like you need to treat me differently. I love you all and I’m good now xx

Be yourself

When I get asked what is the best way to present myself if I want to make a booking I say just be yourself. If I have declined you as a client it is not a judgement of your worthiness. I have no boundaries based on class, socioeconomic status, race, religion or political affiliations (with the caveat that I am still not accepting clients who are part of federal politics until you start treating asylum seekers with humanity).
I use the way you approach me as a way to decide if I can work with you to provide the service you are seeking. I am not going to waste my energy and good humour or your time and money. In a similar vein just because I advertise my services are available this does not mean I am required to accept you. I can choose who I spend intimacy with and who I allow into my private space. So by being yourself it allows me to begin to decide, not if you have the qualities I desire but if I can be what you are looking for.