Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)

I have been accepting Bitcoin payments for quite some time but I also now accept other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash and Litecoin for in person payments and deposits. If you don’t know what these things are either a) don’t worry I am still taking cash or b) let Google be your friend 🙂 If you are interested in paying by another crypto that’s not mentioned, just ask. I’m generally happy with any that is covered by Shapeshift through Coinomi (Monero isn’t listed currently). I’ll probably keep referring to Bitcoin as it’s more well known and there’s some nifty services for it but if you scored some Bitcoin Cash at the fork I’m happy to be paid with it 🙂

I haven’t really posted about *why* I’m fond of bitcoin et al. Some of the reasons are sexwork specific, some are more from a wider set of motivations.

  • Credit card companies – Visa and Mastercard have a LOT to say about what I can and can’t do. It’s nice to be able to tell them to stuff their morals and judgements
  • Clip and camming sites – to get around the high risk merchant account annoyances I instead use some hosting services (the online payment option for deposits is an example here) that handle payments and they will take, at a a minimum, 30% of my income. Similar are clip sites such as clips4sale and ManyVids and camming sites such as streamate and myfreecams they will take a much bigger cut, even up to 70%
  • Bank deposits – I can give my bank account details for a direct or ATM deposit but the bank tellers are very likely to say the account name (my real name) to confirm you are paying the right person if you go over the counter
  • Scams – bank or credit card transfers are reversible and you better believe there are those who will request a reversal or a chargeback after the booking
  • Safety – getting paid in cash is all well and good but how safe would you feel walking to the bank with $4000 in your wallet after a weekend booking? Or even having your workplace thought of as a target for thieves?
  • Politeness – it can be awkward (although I am skilled in managing this) to hand over cash and wait while I count it before the booking can start. Scanning a qr code with your phone seems so much more civilised
  • Simplicity – deposits are the way of the escort future and using bitcoin for this is so simple it makes me nearly cry with joy when compared to the stuffing around with other options
  • Libertarianism – this is probably deserving of a post on its own. I am happy to pay tax and contribute to society but I am very happy to be outside of, albeit only partly, the centralised economic system