Be yourself

When I get asked what is the best way to present myself if I want to make a booking I say just be yourself. If I have declined you as a client it is not a judgement of your worthiness. I have no boundaries based on class, socioeconomic status, race, religion or political affiliations (with the caveat that I am still not accepting clients who are part of federal politics until you start treating asylum seekers with humanity).
I use the way you approach me as a way to decide if I can work with you to provide the service you are seeking. I am not going to waste my energy and good humour or your time and money. In a similar vein just because I advertise my services are available this does not mean I am required to accept you. I can choose who I spend intimacy with and who I allow into my private space. So by being yourself it allows me to begin to decide, not if you have the qualities I desire but if I can be what you are looking for.