What I like

I often get asked what I like with regards to sex. My usual answer is ‘it depends’. Which is a wishy washy non-committal kind of response, I know. Sex is an ever changing dance between two or more people and that is one of the things that captivates me the most. I never feel the same energy levels, motivations, thoughts from one day to the next and my responses to stimuli, motivators and moods are just as fluid. So really, my sexual desires to shift with the breeze but wouldn’t it get boring otherwise? So how can I say I really enjoy myself if a client has booked me a week in advance for something very specific? What if I’m not feeling like that particular act that day? That, dear reader, is why I am good at my job and why I take time to prepare for a booking. With practice (oh so much practice!)and an almost meditative approach I visialise the fun and joy of the upcoming booking and I will be all kinds of in the mood when the time comes. And when it’s time to finish I can switch off and go back to my own headspace for the day, and that is one of the differences between seeing a sex worker and spending time with a partner.