Hi! (waves)

I’ve been a bit busy and have been neglecting my blog so I thought maybe just a quick update on what’s rolling around in my grey matter:

Photoshoot! I’m having some new professional photos taken very very soon, such excitement! And I’m thinking I might redesign my website and revamp my ads at the same time so much is happening that involves me sitting at a desk looking very office like and efficient (I say looking as not really achieving much efficiency haha)

Crappy TV – The Walking Dead is back with the second half of season 4, oh I do love me a good zombie. I’m also liking a series on SBS called Orphan Black. Plus the usual reality tv of which I am ashamed and we shall not mention.

Melbourne – regular readers will remember my extreme disgust and loathing of the requirement for sex workers to register to legally work in Victoria (to refresh as a self employed independent worker I am exempt from registration but have to give my full name, residential address and photo ID to be registered on a list of workers exempt from registration. Yes, really.) But it is a womans prerogative to change her mind and as I write  I am banging my head on the desk with frustration at the ineptitude of the relevant government department filling in the forms so I can pop over to Melbourne. Yay!

Have I mentioned calculus? I’m halfway through a uni subject on first year calculus. Just for fun and as a refresher. Loving it 🙂

Getting snippy at blogs – This is quite hypocritical of me as I’m writing in my blog and everyone has every right to blog about whatever the hell they like but I’ve seen some recently that annoy me a little. So this is my reply to those unnamed posts: First Booking an escort though an agency is just one way of finding a quality experience that suits your needs, (although it is not a legal option everywhere, as is the case in Tas), there are many private workers around too and whatever you choose research is the most important point. And if you are a sex worker directory wanting me to pay for the privilege of advertising on your site then I’d kind of expect a little more support. Second. Falling in love is a tricky business but for the love of god if you do start feeling attached don’t listen to advice that assumes/advises that your sex worker of choice automatically has reciprocal feelings. Talk to them about it by all means but the Pretty Woman scenario is a movie script, best to keep that in mind.

Plus I just saw a hawk fly past with a snake in its grasp. Pretty awesome work there Mother Nature. Like your style.

Sexpo! Sexpo is coming! (See what I did there?) It’ll be on in Hobart April 4-6, I’ve not bothered heading interstate for it previously (and I think it’s been here before but I was away) but thought I might pop down and see what sexy things are there. I might run a special on my social rates if you would like a chaperone, what do you think?

For the literati there’s an event coming up on the 15th April that may be of interest, Naked Girls Reading. Pretty much what it says on the tin and looks like fun, here’s a link with more info

Talk soon xx