Penis size

Penis size. A ladies perspective.

The Kama Sutra recognised that men have a range of penis sizes (Hare, Bull and Horse) and similarly for women’s vaginas (Deer, Mare and Elephant). There is nothing wrong or right about your size, it just is. Furthermore the Kama Sutra recommends that there are three combinations of male and female sizes that are ideal. My opinion is that the other combinations are ok too, but they might just take a little more consideration and planning, particularly in a long term relationship. Different positions and orifices can drastically alter sensations and pleasure.

So what is the average penis size? There have been many studies into this because god only knows you guys get hung up on it. But first off what dimension are you measuring? Guys seem to be focused on length but ladies are usually just as interested in girth, if they have a preference at all. (Eisenman, R. (2001). “Penis size: Survey of female perceptions of sexual satisfaction”. BMC Women’s Health 1: 1–0 and Michael Pertschuk, Alice Trisdorfer. “Men’s bodies—the survey”. Psychology Today

A recent study (whose methodology I quite like but only measured American men) found an average erect length of 14.15 cm and an average erect circumference of 12.23 cm with ranges of erect penis lengths of 4 to 26 centimeters and erect penis circumferences of 3 to 19 centimeters. (Debby Herbenick PhD, MPH, Michael
Reece PhD, MPH, Vanessa Schick PhD and Stephanie A. Sanders PhD, “Erect Penile Length and Circumference Dimensions of 1,661 Sexually Active Men in the United States”, The Journal of Sexual Medicine

A summary of many other survey results and studies, broken down by country, can be found here

Penis sizes

For the visual orientated amongst us I have made a simple diagram (to scale) that represents the results of the above mentioned studies. The black lines depict the average and upper and lower ranges found by Herbenick et al.

The grey lines depict the erect averages by country (with Australia picked out in blue for the patriotic). The take home message is variation is normal. And if the Kama Sutra is to believed this is a good thing! From my anecdotal experience by far the vast majority of men all take the same average sized condom.

Which brings me to vaginas. Apart from the innate need to measure yourself against others in a chest beating, grunting, territory marking fashion the size of your cock is irrelevant if you don’t consider the size of the vessel that you are putting it in! So what do you care about more, the size of the guy next to you at the urinal (first – I believe there’s an unwritten rule saying you aren’t supposed to look, second – it’s flaccid and will be very different to comparing to erect) or using it for sexy times with your partner of choice?

It is probably come as no great surprise but there is nowhere near the depth of research on vagina sizes and shapes as there is for schwangs. Masters and Johnson’s Human Sexual Response (1966) looked at 100 women who had never been pregnant and found that vagina lengths, unstimulated, range from 7 cm to about 8.3 cm. When a woman is aroused, it increased to 10.8 cm to 12.1 cm. More recently MRI scans used to take measurements at rest (unaroused) found that the mean length was 6.27 cm and the mean width ranged from 2.62 cm to 3.25 cm depending on where the measurement was taken. (Barnhart, K. T.; Izquierdo, A.; Pretorius, E. S.; Shera, D. M.; Shabbout, M.; Shaunik, A. (2006). “Baseline dimensions of the human vagina”. Human Reproduction 21 (6): 1618–1622). So that’s the shape of it, and please note that an aroused vagina has more room than one that is not. This is important because banging into my cervix HURTS which is why it moves back when the fun starts and things warm up. But there’s also the function. There are four places where nerve endings do wonderful things for a lady, the clitoris, beside the urethral opening, the g spot about 6 cm inside the vagina and a place right up at the cervix. So you know what? Most of the feel good nerve endings are nearer the entrance, in fact tampons can’t be felt at all and so on the most part we can get along just fine with something less than half the length of the average erect penis. Now the nerve endings right up the top are some ladies favourite so don’t discount them completely but we are all different. Women can orgasm from stimulation on one, several or all of those nerve ending locations depending on their preferences and that’s just considering the vagina… there are other places to go as well! 

So please believe me when I say it’s not what you have that matters, its what you do with it that counts.