Ok so this is my first Movember themed post since I decided to grow a lady mo and I’m coming out with the big guns.
Movember is about raising awareness for men’s health issues. Clearly this is not my area of expertise but I thought I could at least share my experiences. And this one is very close to my heart and probably my main driver for joining in with Movember.
I have suffered from it, I have had weeks on end where I couldn’t leave the house. I’ve burst into tears in the pasta aisle in Coles with no provocation and cried all the way to the freezer section. I’ve had the overwhelming feelings of uselessness and hopelessness. But I thank every deity I was not cursed with a major case and with intervention and education I haven’t seen the black dog for quite a while. But I make sure my GP knows my history because if I sink down that hole again I know I have someone I don’t have to explain or justify or even speak to, I can just sit down and say help and even just doing that will be a Herculean effort. I also have written down in BIG letters “it’s not you, this is an illness. It will pass, you will get better”. This helped me because not much light can make it down the bottom of that black hole and it really does change your perception of reality. At least for me it did.
Harder than any of this was losing a family member to depression. A beautiful kind and gentle soul was lost. And that’s a fucking tragedy.
Please take your mental health seriously, here are some links and resources I’ve liked, they may help you, help you understand or help someone you know…
Movembers mental health page is quite good and is from a male perspective
Lifeline Crisis support and suicide prevention, call them, they will listen 131114
Black Dog Institute a great resource for facts, knowledge and help
Mensline Australia bookmark this one! A great counseling and referral service for men (or anyone worried about a male family member or friend) around relationship issues but also emotional well being and anger management
For some really well crafted and insightful reading (super highly recommended)
Ben Pobjie is an Aussie comedian and this is what he wrote about his depression reality
The very excellent Allie Brosh has a brilliant blog called Hyperbole and a half and this is her experience and followed up with another post
And this picture I saw on twitter is a pretty perfect description of how to help