Hi all. I have updated my booking info page and changed some of the information around discretion and privacy so I wanted to make sure you all know about it. It is still my policy to delete emails and messages but sometimes it takes me a little while to clean things up so I have removed the wording around this (if it’s critical to you please let me know). And, while it was implied previously, I have now made it clear that I “may retain your contact details (email address and/or phone number) for future reference but will not use them to contact you unsolicited”. This is mainly to allow me to maintain a blocked users list, that is a list of people who I will defer from working with, to maintain my safety, privacy and sanity (thankfully it is a very short list!). It is also to give priority to existing clients because you are wonderful. If this is a problem for you I recommend using a separate email address or phone number for contacting me. Sim cards can be as little as $2 and free email providers are easily found.