My love of sex toys and shopping has been a topic of discussion amongst some of us lately 😉 so lets explore the world of Adult Shops.
I used to do my adult shopping exclusively through online stores but a lovely shopping expedition with a friend in London that resulted in anal beads being packed in my luggage on the way home a few years ago was a turning point. (As were the anal beads but that’s another story!)
Have you been inside an adult sexy store? Not sure what to expect? These days you are more likely to see bright young people in their 20’s than the stereotypical grimy dude in a trench coat. And the staff, often ladies, are phenomenally helpful. Not sure what type of lube is ok to use with what kind of toy? They’ll know and will help you in the most nonjudgmental way. And yep, generally don’t use silicone lube with silicon toys. Not sure what they sell? Oh my goodness… Vibrators, dildos, lube, condoms, anal toys, male mastubators, lingerie, clothing, oils, rope, novelties, light bdsm gear (heavy stuff is usually found at specialist stores), nipple toys, blow up dolls etc etc. Go in and have a look! And yes online stores are great too and I do still use them. The parcels come in normal Australia Post or plain paper wrapping and look just like any other parcel so no worries there. Which is considerably better than the well known lingerie store that sent me a parcel with the contents listed on the address label! I’m sure the postie didn’t need to know about my new bra and sparklie undies ha! They generally have a bland name that shows on your credit card bill too, check their faq’s or shipping information because they usually talk about this.
So get out there and explore! Or you’re always welcome to book me to go shopping with you 🙂 xx