Here is a roundup of some of my favorite things from the last week…

Fun fact! Lipstick during the Egyptian times was used by women who specialized in oral sex — They wanted their lips to look more inviting. Courtesy of UberFacts (Twitter @UberFacts)

Can you solve the 10 hardest logic puzzles ever created? I’m working on the Sudoku one at the moment, and not getting terribly far to be honest. via Gizmodo

This is a fabulous read, its about the internal structure of the clitoris that has only recently been investigated.

Another science-y read, about orgasms bought on from brushing teeth by way of a type of epilepsy.

And more reading! About a study using monkeys to investigate the myth of female passivity with regards to lust and sexual desire.

Lastly, a brilliant comic/sex toy crossover, Avenger styled vibrators. Woot!