Hello blog, it’s been a while since we last talked. But my house guests have gone, I’m back from Launceston (I love you Lonnie but goodness you are cold in the morning!) and the sun is shining so I’ll be back to posting about the usual irreverent topics in a more timely manner now.

To wit (I used ‘to wit’ in a tweet this morning and I like the way it rolls off the tongue) I haven’t said anything about how much I enjoyed dark mofo. Even the nudie swim (did you manage to spot me? haha) was splendid.

I also got a boost this morning when my mechanic told me the problem with my car was exactly as I thought it was, even though the dealer said my car did not come equipped with the part that I identified as faulty and was trying to buy a replacement of. Boo to you Mr Car Dealer, I bet if a person with a masculine sounding voice asked for the same part on the phone your assumptions may have been different.

See? The ┬áirreverence is back ­čÖé