I love to travel, which is why I enjoy touring away from Hobart from time to time. Even if it is only to Launceston! I do pop over to the mainland as well but have been avoiding Victoria as I’m not registered to work there legally. And after much to-ing and fro-ing this is why I have decided that I can’t register and so will never work in that state under the current system. I have come close, I have even filled in the paperwork 2 or 3 times but I have never felt quite comfortable enough with the process to submit the necessary forms. And this is why.

The current state of play in Victoria means I would be considered a small owner-operated escort agency. The Escort Agency part means I can only provide outcalls. (As an aside how much money must the only hotel offering hourly room rentals in Melbourne be making from sex workers clients?) The independent part means I am not required to be licensed.

Being exempt from licensing  sounds good doesn’t it? Unfortunately what it really means is that I am required to submit my details to an exempt escort agency register. Not just Corrine’s details but my real name, home address, personal phone number etc. These are some of the sections…

register 1register 2And this is the part that really worries me. I have worked for, with and consulted to many government departments in my day and mostly the safeguards work and mostly people can be trusted. Mostly.

Here are some examples of where positions of trust have possibly been breached.

Bikies secretly working inside government

Criminals infiltrate docks, airports

Would these people want my details or would an honest person make a mistake? Probably not. Will I risk it? Absolutely not.

So I’m sorry Victorians I can’t come to see you. But Tassie is a great place to visit 😉