I need help! My dear lovely nice smelling people I would like a bit of shiny bling for my website and so I am entering the Tasmanian Queen Escort of 2012 awards in the hope that I win and get a lovely banner to display. The lady with the most votes wins, each review counts as a vote and so if you have met me and think I deserve a vote I will be very grateful if you could click this link and write a review for me (it doesn’t need to be long). To say thank you for taking the time for every vote I get I will post a link to a picture that is more explicit than I normally display here 🙂

Write a review to vote for me here xxx

Here is a bit more information about the awards from the hosts Escort Palace.

Most people think being an escort is easy and doesn’t require much to do. But we at Escort Palace understand that it is not as simple. Being a good escort is not easy. Escorts continually go through many challenges in their profession and personal lives like

• Dealing with different types of clients
• Often meeting new clients that escorts don’t know much about
• Traveling to different locations
• Sometimes facing unpleasant clients
• Keeping up with friends & family
• Maintaining personal hygiene (Health & Safety)
• Keeping Fit
• Competing in Escort Industry
• And much more

Just like any other profession, being a good escort requires continual learning and improvements. There are escorts out there who often wish there was a recognition & appreciation for the services they provide. That’s why we have put in place this program. To recognize and reward those deserving escorts.