I’ve had a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon looking up some erotica videos on the interwebs. I’d love to share some that I liked with you but clearly this will be NSFW so lock yourself away and perform whatever preparatory rites that you normally do before debasing yourself in such a manner lol. And while I think they are all sexy and beautifully shot please don’t think they are purely representative of my desires and sexual tastes, I just like to purve ­čÖé

Once you agree to enter this site there is an amazing preview clip showing on the front page (you have to pay for the full length content but the preview is mucho grande)

And Vimeo has an erotica category. Who knew! These are two videos that I liked from there. Tita – ‘Sail’ ┬áby┬áBrice Ferre Studio and ‘030’┬áby The Good The Bad.