I don’t get deep into politics and even less into the US political system. But the US Presidential season is like a ripe piece of fruit just asking to be poked with a stick. From the very excellent podcast The Bugle, episode 205, wherein following this weeks news that Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan (who John describes as an average mid-western good looking man who was walking down the street when a Brooks Brothers store exploded all over him) as Vice President hopeful the boys discuss the Republicans tendency to nominate a presidential candidate…

‘who is essentially an empty amiable husk and just palatable enough to hide the poisonous substance of their running mate. Think about their track record, Bush/Cheney, McCain/Palin and now Romney/Ryan.’

They reason that a bland Presidential nomination is the Republicans method of getting into power a Vice President who may want to make some unpalatable changes.

‘The concept is nothing new, look at the ancient Greeks. They invented ancient democracy and when they attacked the city of Troy they didn’t just show up with a bunch of crazy Greeks they put a bunch of crazy Greeks inside an empty wooden horse. What I’m saying is Romney is that empty wooden horse and Paul Ryan is a bunch of crazy Greeks.’

Yes, for me the best part of politics is the satire 🙂