Hi (I never know how to start a blog post. Do I say hi to my blog or to you, the reader? It is a question that I spend milliseconds on)

Thought I’d share some links and pictures that I have used for inspiration when I’m thinking of erotic things. And just for my own erotic enjoyment.

These aren’t my photos nor are they of me, I’ve tried to find a link to the original artist wherever I can.

IMG_4294 tumblr_lrmoauIiHe1qbujxso1_1280

tumblr_lxllvlt2mP1qa4bk9o1_1280 I think this photographer was Alexandre Bertin


tumblr_m6bo30OcqS1qa4bk9o1_1280 From geekypornygirl, photographer apparently was Vivienne Mok (check her out, gorgeous photography!)

Also NSFWORLD is sometimes excellent