ANZAC day, worthy of remembrance without question. But please don’t glorify war. Remember the lost lives, the broken families, shattered communities. Mothers lost their sons. Society lost a generation. Those that made it back had a story so harrowing that they couldn’t tell it. And it’s not just Australians, Turkey lost more. And it’s not just that war. In WWII, Vietnam, Malaysia, civil wars, skirmishes, peace keeping missions, crisis’s, coups, rebellions, occupations soldiers were sent out not to fight those in front of them, but to protect those behind them*. We are talking about lives, both military and civilian. For gods sake don’t let that be used as a marketing mechanism to sell fresh fruit or tea towels. Or to justify a political regime that gets its power by keeping us scared.

I will spend ANZAC day remembering my maternal grandfather who lost all 5 of his siblings in WWI and my paternal grandfather who came back from WWII broken. I will also be thankful for our past and present armed services and I will do my best to keep the politicians who give you your orders honest.

*Apologies to G.K. Chesterton