Unpacking some assumptions

This is a mish mash of many things.

I had a really lovely time in Adelaide and Melbourne. Lovely people, lots of fun, came home with a huge smile on my face and spirits uplifted. Since I’ve been back in Hobart the number of texts, voicemails and emails that I choose to ignore seems to have skyrocketed. I’m not sure if clients on the mainland were so easy to communicate with that now I’m back I’m noticing the bad* ones more or if Hobart has really let its standards slip. (Having said that my regular clients you are all as delightful as normal and there have been nice communications from people I haven’t met yet, it’s not all bad.) But I don’t know how many times I can say texts like ‘ru free?’ will not get you anywhere with me.

*To qualify bad does not necessarily equal dangerous, threatening or abusive. I generally mean annoying, rude, idiotic, disrespectful. But if anything gives me a bad feeling of course it gets ignored/blocked/cancelled too.

And then a gentleman had a little vent online with his frustrations with finding sex workers in Hobart and I thought I might unpack some of his comments. I don’t want to do this in a finger pointing, or laughing at his expense kind of way but maybe something we can use to understand things a bit better and help us all get what we want.

The post was put up on locanto, you can find it here if you like. There was a similarly themed post on Punters Planet which I assume was the same person but it is a members forum so I won’t link to it. I’ve copied the text from locanto below and added my comments.

First off I should explain the places to find an escort. Hobart is still very newspaper ad based so The Mercury’s classifieds is the starting point for many. My opinion is newspaper ads are a ridiculously expense form of advertising, what 3 lines (the minimum) costs for three days in the adult services section is the same as a months advertising on some paid online platforms. It also brings a plethora of annoyance to me and my clients. It’s impossible to give any context in 3 lines and it just leads to me fielding questions about everything under the sun, all of which is answered on my website, and leaves little time for anything else. The benefits of newspaper ads is if someone works irregularly or infrequently that can have an ad just on the days they are working. For clients who want a simple, quick service of the walk in, orgasm, leave variety it will work well for them. Simple online classified sites such as and are not sex work specific but they allow sex work ads. In locantos case they are mixed in with the personals. They are free and unmoderated and great for sex workers who like a high volume, low rate style of working or want somewhere free to advertise and control when and what region the ads are displayed. Sex work specific online advertising sites and directories such as (which I can’t recommend enough), and are paid sites and have photo verification, touring dates, detailed information, prices and everything you need to know. These are often used by sex workers who prefer a higher charge, lower volume way of working. Directories like and are somewhere in the middle. And there is always the ever reliable Google search as many of us have our own websites.

So here we go, I’ve marked my comments as C:

what the hell is going on with hobart hookers – 50 (hobart)

age : 50

So I have a motel at Battery Point, Sunday night, ready for action..
So I ring every escort in town,

C: Ringing is not always a workers preferred contact method. Also that must have taken a long time as there are many advertising at any given time.

from petite young asians to mature bbws.. All quoted rates very reasonable, thinking I’m going to make a reasonable business transaction.. Then I get the $80 + travelling fee, or $280 for a half hour, or no sorry I don’t travel you come to me

C: All business have expenses. Travelling fees are often charged. Some aren’t in a position to travel. Some aren’t in a position to offer incalls. If the conditions or prices don’t suit you, move on. Simple.

.. etc etc… Now I reckon $180/hour isn’t a bad rate?? on a Sunday night, hardly the Friday/ Saturday root fest..

C: $180/hour for full service incall in a capital city is very low, Sundays are no different to any other day and in my case are often busier than Saturdays. The term root fest isn’t necessary and it also assumes we all work a high volume business model. We don’t.

So do these women want to work? make a weeks wages in one night? willing to advance their business prospects?

C: Lets talk about this making a weeks wages in one night idea. According to the ABS the Full-time adult average weekly total earnings are $1539, before tax. Now if you are expecting a $180/hr rate then to make a weeks wages in one night them we would need to work 8.5 hours in that one night. Ok, sounds reasonable. But wait, we forgot expenses. My expenses, excluding tax, are conservatively around 17% of my gross income. So to get a taxable income of $1539 I would actually need to earn $1854 by working around 10.3 hours. Oh but this is assuming all my working hours are income earning. Simple practicalities such as showering, cleaning, restocking supplies and travel all have to happen in between each booking. Lets be conservative and say this is half an hour between clients (I can tell you it’s not as in addition to this as well clothing and makeup changes I also have to allow time for people turning up early or running late and having three meals a day is a nice luxury too but lets be conservative). So lets say each booking is an hour so I would be roughly doing 10 one hour bookings this night and they each have a 30 minute gap in between. Now I am working 14.5 hours in this one night. I’m sorry but you can bugger off. If you are expecting me to be seeing 9 other clients in this one night my ability to be a chatty, vibrant courtesan is going to be somewhat diminished. Now this is a long night but it’s only only night out of seven, suck it up princess you might say. Aah but there is more work to be done. I’m running a business and like any other there is advertising and marketing, which requires copy and photos to be updated. There are administrative tasks like budgets, bookwork and travel planning. And many of us maintain websites, social media and blogs which don’t write themselves. Let alone all the time and non taxable expenses I keep in maintaining my physical and mental health so I am an enjoyable companion. I allow at least one working day a week for admin which again is being conservative, so that brings it to 22 hours in this one night.

Also a quick comment on advancing my business. I won’t do this by offering a sub par service, which I certainly would end up doing if I was working ridiculously long hours. I think I’ll keep advancing my business as I have been.

And don’t get me started on the Locanto / Craigs list bullshit attempts to just appear to be normal horny women… Wake up hookers/ escorts and turn a decent dollar.. I’ll be telling all my contacts in NSW to get their cute reasonably priced arses down hear and demonstrate reasonable value for money..

C: We aren’t normal women? I’ll let that one speak for itself. All your contacts in NSW are reasonably priced? Good for them. Lets have a little think about market size. The population of greater Hobart was 211,656 and 48,703 in the City of Hobart in 2011. Again to be conservative lets use the population figures for Greater Hobart. According to this study 1.9% of men have paid for sex in the past year (I’m assuming clients are men because that is what most studies are based on and they are certainly the vast majority of clients). 81.8% of the population are over 15 (clients are over 18 of course but I’m just grabbing stats and this will be conservative) and men make up near enough to 50% of the population. This gives us 1644 adult male residents of greater Hobart who have paid for sex in the past year. I don’t have a statistic for how often these men would have paid for sex in the past year so let’s assume once a month is the norm. This gives us 19,728 paid sex transactions in a year which averages out to 54 a night. If by our previous calculations we are earning our weeks wage in one night by seeing 10 clients each that means there are only 5-6 people needed to be working on any given day to meet demand. Would your NSW friends think coming down is a good business proposition? But if they do come down tell them to let me know. We could go out for coffee.

Or perhaps no one down here actually pays for it?? Oh the troubles of being a tourist in a foreign state… I’m so confused and disappointed.. Jst going to have a good wank for 50 cents worth of lube.. stupid industry.. ggrrrrr.. signed mr money staying in my pocket…

Part 2: So I couldn’t resist, bit the bullet and hired a cute little taiwanese girl Alice.. $280 outcall.. as opposed to $180 incall.. Very pretty, first thing she says is “you been drinking”? Of course I had, spent half a day trying to find an escort and already rubbed one out

C: If you had been drinking and already masturbated your body might not have been primed for sensual pleasure. Just saying.

.. perhaps out of frustration?? Anyway.. then she asks me to cover her cab fare, $20 which I refused..

C: We’ve talked about expenses. Would you refuse to pay a tradies travel expense if they came to your house? Pay them or don’t hire that worker. It makes you look like a douche, sex workers do know other sex workers and we do talk to each other. We also let others know which clients to avoid so not appearing like a douche will be to your benefit in the future.

To be allowed to lick her (which is one thing I really enjoy) cost me another $50, part of which time she spent on her iphone checking in with the office..

C: If you had done your research and asked about extras this should have been no surprise to you. Also see above about the number of hours and time between clients. If you are paying less we have to see more clients. It’s simple maths. The only way to practically do this is to keep on top of bookings which will require us checking our phones. Pay more and we will have time so we don’t have to do that in a booking. You could be thankful she wasn’t alerting security as you were refusing to meet her terms (and I won’t go into detail here but consent in the sex work context is conditional on receiving payment. Non payment means no consent which means rape as has been proven in the Australian courts).  And we are never obligated to accept or to continue a booking. Because you are paying does not take away our right of refusal, common sense or self preservation. How do you know she is ‘checking in with the office’? This is suggesting she is employed as a sex worker by a third party. Think very carefully before accusing someone of conducting illegal activities.

She gave great deep throat in the hope I’d blow early.. Alas for her.. I held off.. finally she says 15 minutes.. Definitely charged from the moment she got out of the cab, not into my room.. Hoorah had a nice little 10 minute fuck..

C: She had been there a while and then she said 15 minutes left. Which by logic means her time with you had been greater than 15 minutes. But you are saying 10 minutes? Maths. Also yes, the clock generally starts on arrival.

Overall, I’ve never had a less into it,

C: Again see comments above about pricing and volume business models. The most tiring part of a booking can be the ‘being into it’ part and it is a very rare and special person who can reliably give you a ‘being into it’ experience while working long hours. If you wanted a connected, intimate experience you might want to consider allowing time and or dollars to accommodate this.

escort experience in my life.. Hobart.. you have been warned.. 3 out of 10 for overall experience and value for money.. Just wishing I’d had that wank I had planned and threatened.. Damn you overactive libido….
Signed: stupid, dumb, broke, bastard…

I hope this helps someone. And I also hope it helps my lovely clients understand that I enjoy their company and respect them. Or else I wouldn’t have them as clients, simple as that 🙂