Amusing for me

Some mildly nerdy things, mostly apps and a few zombies, that are amusing me lately.

Zombie Run. This is the best! I think I actually heard about this on the radio talking about augmented reality apps. This one motivates/keeps you interested while running. It has a storyline soundtrack that puts you into a zombie apocalypse. Nothing like having the undead coming after you to motivate you into moving. I’m using the 5K version at the moment.

I might have mentioned my lovely Pebble watch – totally love tracking things, and the Misfit app is the best of all I’ve tried for tracking steps/activity and sleep. But best of all are the watchfaces that give an alert that your phone has gone out of bluetooth range and the phone finder app. I now have a lost phone avoidance mechanism strapped to my wrist!

My main phone was an iPhone that was held together with chewing gum and string. So I’ve made the jump now both and my phones are droid. Ohhh can you hear the serenity? Maybe I should do a post later just on my favourite droid apps? Now all I need to do is get rid of the abomination that is iTunes. The only thing keeping me wedded to it is 5 season of the Walking Dead that are trapped by DRM (suggestions gratefully received!)

If you are a gamer or a music type or, gasp!, both check this out. Song exploder is a podcast that breaks down and explores the creation and construction of songs. This episode features Brian Reitzall who breaks down some music he made for a game called Watch Dogs, the scoring of a video game soundtrack is fascinating.